Job ApplicationsĀ 

So it’s at this time of year that many peeps begin to think about interviews, whether it’s your first job, or you fancy a change. My advice would be the same…

Be yourself- if they love you and you are who they are looking for, you’ll get it, if not it wasn’t right! I am a firm believer in right place right time. You may not realise at the time why you didn’t get the role, but in time you will begin to realise. 

A good friend of mine who happens to be a life coach once said “Be that person your dog thinks you are!” Even if you don’t have a dog (pretend you do!) 

Your dog greets you every day with a big waggy tail, you can see the delight in his face as you unlock the door each evening, to him you are the bees knees! 

Be that person in an interview. 

Of course don’t be cocky, talk from the heart about everything that you believe in. The interview is your chance to shine, your chance to show how much you will bring to the school, and what they’ve been missing until now. 


  • Always visit the school before you apply. You need to ensure it’s the right place for YOU! 
  • Dress to impress, even when you look round. Obviously not in Formal interview attire but ensure you look smart and professional. This is your time to ask any questions that you haven’t been able to glean from the website or application pack. 
  • Ensure you understand the school’s vision, and that it fits with your ethos to teaching and learning. If you are successful it is critical that you have the same common goal as the leadership team of the school. 


  • When writing your letter of support ensure you use the job spec (most/ if not all schools will use this in the shortlisting process) 
  • Ensure you mention the school and what drew you to the role- a generic letter won’t make you stand out from the crowd 
  • Don’t bore your audience- get to the point (they shouldn’t need a blanket and a cup of Horlicks after reading it!) 


  • Stick to the word count- if they specify two sides of A4 that’s what they mean 
  • Get a critical friend to read your letter to check for obvious spelling, punctuation errors
  • Ensure the letter arrives in plenty of time before the deadline (don’t fly by the seat of your pants)


  • Ask if they can email with proof of receipt 
  • If you are unsuccessful on short listing ask a senior colleague or course tutor to give you some advice on how to improve it further (or send it to me- I’d be happy to help!) 

So… Be confident, but not cocky! Remember to be professional yet warm and friendly. Be that person your dog thinks you are. 

Please also pop back soon for our interview question examples! 

If I can be of any help, just message me! 

But most of all…