About Me:-

.So here’s a little bit of info about me!


Age:- 21 and 3/4!!! (Liar Liar pants on fire)

Place of birth:- Blackpool- although my hubby would say he “saved” me by whisking me off my feet, and bringing me “Dain Sowth” You can take the girl out of the North and all that!!

Greatest fear as a child:- That I wouldn’t be able to slice bread with a sharp knife when I grew up!

First ever car:- A lovley black Nissan Micra, that I managed to right off within weeks of passing my test.

If you could go back in time, where would you go back to and why?:- My mum’s dad was THE most amazing man I have ever met, he was an amazingly bright man who had an ability to hold any useless fact in his head for years and years. I loved nothing more than sitting in his house listening to his stories. I wish I had just one more day with him!

Mars or snickers:- snickers every time (maybe because I’m a bit nuts myself!)

Most annoying habit:- I don’t have any… although my hubby would disagree!

Favourite place to holiday:- I love anywhere hot, with a beach and pool. Although my favourite holiday to date, has got to be the week we stayed in an fabulous apartment on Fistral beach in Newquay, Cornwall.

Favoured quote:- “This house runs on love, laughter and Prosecco!

Most important thing in the world:- My husband and my two Kidets- Macie and Sam

Most over used saying:- Ok, hang on a minute!

Best feature:- friendly and likes a laugh

Worst personality trait:- I am quite anally retentive and like things just so. I make lists like they are going out of fashion!

Favourite birthday gift:- Stationary, stationary stationary please

Ideal day out:- an afternoon with friends and family sat in the sun, drinking bubbles!

7 thoughts on “About Me:-

  1. Have liked your page for a while and being TA in reception have seen some fab ideas. It was only yesterday that I realised who you were and that you taught my boys in primary school. Small world isn’t it? Love your page. 😄

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