Message in a bottle

 Message in a bottle


So here we have it…. Our message in a bottle page! I am so excited to tell you that both packages have made their way on their first journey!



Package 1 :- Has gone to Claire Smith and her lovely reception children at St Joesph’s Catholic Primary School in Haywards Heath. Claire and I are colleagues through our locality group. I am so looking forward to sharing with you the work Claire and her gaggle of gorgousness complete! Please keep checking back.




Package 2 :- Has gone on it’s journey North to Hannah Want, and her lovely nursery class at Longfield’s Primary School in Bicester. I am just itching to hear how the children reacted when they opened their “Special Delivery”



                IMG_3142                                                                IMG_3143


For those of you that follow my Blog regularly, you will know that I have two children of my own. They are uber excited about the message in the bottle writing journey, and too wanted to join in. I explained what was going to happen, and read The Day The Crayons Quit book. They then decided to write a letter to each of the schools. I was one very proud mummy when I read what they had written. They decided on the title “A world without colour” and then proceeded to write about what a life without colour would mean to them. I also had a little dabble (I am no poet but, thought about what I would miss if we lived in a world without colour!)


 Over the weekend my two little munchkins helped to make the letter to go in the package, they took great delight in tea staining the paper, and creating the holes (I must admit I wasn’t brave enough to let them burn the edges with the match!!! …


As soon as I receive any work you will be the first to hear… but for now let’s sit tight m’hearties!!


School 1 St Jospeh’s Catholic Primary School- Haywards Heath

Claire, Imogen and Annabel are from the same locality as myself. I felt truly honoured that they wanted to be part of this exciting writing journey. Here is the first piece of work from their lovely reception classes…

IMG_3356 IMG_3357



Thank you so much to the children of St Jo’s, I look forward to seeing lots more great work as the bottles carry on, on their adventure around the country x

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