Never, repeat Never teach children to lie!!! 

So off we went to swimming this morning, for those of you that follow my blog you’ll know it’s NOT my favourite past time! The kids literally have to bribe me so I’ll take them. I hate getting my hair wet (I’ve got a huge beast of a Barnet that takes hours to dry), and I cannot see a thing without my glasses! Anyway off we trot- we have a conversation in the car about how my littliest could go on the flumes if we told a little fib and said he was 8years instead of 7. He’s 8 in a couple of months, is taller than average and can swim like a fish. That aside- we still needed to fib! The kids convince me… 

So we get to the desk, the receptionist asks how old the kidlets are “10 and 8” I say through gritted teeth! She then dutifully gives us our flume bands. 

As we walk away- My littliest (also the one with the loudest voice may I add) shouts “Ha Ha- I can’t believe she fell for that!!!” 

Cue bright red face, and me scuttling into the changing room! 

Being a firm believer in Karma- I know at some point this will come back and bite me on the bum! 



Roots and Wings…

Roots and Wings 

I’ve been meaning to write this post all week, but just haven’t quite got round to it. Well here it is…

On Sunday is was a very wet, rainy day with us, so my hubby and I decided to take the kidlets swimming. For those of you that know me well it’s not one of my favourite past times (although I am quite ashamed to say it, as the kidlets adore swimming) My “non love” mainly comes from being totally blind without my glasses on, and a “larger than I would like” kind of body that doesn’t look particularly great in a swimming cozzy! That aside… off we went!

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