Easter Give Away 

How would you like to win a lovely “Tell by touch with clock” 

We have been given this lovely clock by the gorgeous folk over at EYPDIRECT


This Colourful and unusual telling the time clock comes with moveable hands and removable number pots with a different textured surface on the reverse.

The Tell by Touch with Clock is also a great early years learning resource for matching colours, patterns and counting.

Size: 240 x 37mm. Age 3+.

    The Tell by Touch with Clock is a perfect early years educational resource to support the EYFS Mathematics development area of learning within your childcare setting, it will help children practice and improve their skills in counting numbers, calculating simple addition and subtraction problems, and to describe shapes, spaces and measures.

The Tell by Touch with Clock also makes a wonderful sensory resource!

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Number Patters

Now that our baseline is nearly complete, we have started some focus teaching sessions. This week we are learning the numbers 4,5,6

Each and every time we introduce a new number we show our children the numeral, we introduce the Numicon piece  

We sky write the number whilst using the patter…

0- round the face of a super hero… Is the number zero! 

1- a straight line down and then we’re done. That’s the way to write a 1! 

2- around and back on the railroad track, 2,2,2! 

3- around the tree around the tree,is the number 3!

4- down across and down some more, is the number 4! 

5, Hat  neck, big fat tummy

6- a stick and a hoop do the tricks, is the number 6

7- across and down from heaven, is the number 7

8- draw a S and do not wait, that’s the way we write and 8

9- a hoop and a line, is the way we right the number 9! 

We then count objects to match the number, focussing on good 1:1 correspondence. The children then go and find that amount of objects. 

Once this short snappy focus teaching session is complete, I will leave a basket of goodies out near my chair for children to investigate and develop further. I often find lots of them being “teacher” 

How do you teach number? 

It would be great to hear your ideas… Please leave a comment below x 


Coloured Pasta

I really wish you could have seen my kitchen half an hour ago… It literally looked like we’d been burgled by the food colouring police! It was one of those moments (I’m sure we’ve all had them) where I thought “How the heck am I going to get out of this mess?”

For those of you that know me well, you’ll know I always bite off more than I can chew… Instead of just dying one lot of pasta I decided to not only make and dye spaghetti but also alphabet pasta and stars! I could literally start up a pasta parlour with the amount of pasta we have in our house at present! 

The reason being… I want to provide my children with an exciting, engaging opportunity to investigate capacity this week. The pasta will not only be a fab sensory experience but will give them a great resource to develop mathematical thinking. 

Here’s how I got into the mess I did…

  1. Cook your desired pasta (my advice, just stick to one variety!         
  2. Drain as normal and pop into a large mixing bowl  
  3. Add a glug (technical term!!) of Olive oil to coat the pasta  
  4. Now add a few drops of food colouring (I needed more than I thought I would!)    
  5. Find a little person to help mix the colour through the pasta   
  6. Lay the pasta on a baking sheet to dry!          

Et Voila there we have the worlds largest amount of coloured pasta! 

Whilst I was making the black stars it did make me think how fab this would look set in jelly as “frog spawn” if I had the energy I’d do this, but for now all I have the energy for is popping the kettle on and having a cup of tea and a nice custard cream! 

Happy Sunday Lovlies x 

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Inspired Addition Game

I am a great believer in making learning fun, exciting and engaging for my children. We have loose topics that are based around the interests of the children, and this week our theme is “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” Lots of our children have been talking about Charlie, so we decided to use this as a theme to hooks lots of learning onto.

The children have gone for it great guns, it’s only day two and already we’ve had lots of fab observations covering all of the characteristics of Effective Learning.

Despite having an “In the moment” kind of planning format, we also plan very carefully for our focussed sessions. Many of my followers often ask what we do, and how we do it. Each day we have a focused phonics, literacy and maths session. We plan very carefully to ensure it not a “Chalk and Talk” session, and that the children are as active and engaged as they possibly can be, whilst ensuring the learning is being firmly embedded.

In our maths focus today we used the idea of the chocolate game. I am sure many of you will have played this game at parties as youngsters, but basically you roll a dice, and if you roll a 6, you begin putting the hat, scarf and gloves on and begin eating the chocolate whilst the dice gets passed around until the next 6 is thrown.


We innovated this idea somewhat, and rolled the dice twice, and added together the two numbers rolled. If we could find the total, we then began to put on the hat, scarf and gloves. The dice was then passed to the next person in the circle. If they could too roll the dice and add the numbers they could then take charge of the hat/gloves etc. It was a fantastic game to play, as ALL children we involved and engaged. Even if they were not throwing the dice, they also had to add the numbers together to check the dice roller called out the correct answer.

It was lovely to see a competitive side come out in children who very rarely show this side of their character!

Once the game was finished I talked to the children and asked them what they thought they had learnt from this game… Their answers were amazing (I have taken a picture of these answers but they said …)

We were…

* Adding

* Counting on

* Racing against time

* Putting on gloves and hats

* Trying

* Being quick

* Having fun

* Taking turns

* Playing fair

* Reading dice


I love the fact that they are able to see the learning through their play and verbalise this.

On reflection of this activity, there are a couple of thing I would do differently should we play it again.

1. Smaller groups (we did it whole class, and although all of the children were engaged, it was a long time for them to wait their turn)

2. A blank dice written with higher numbers for more able

3. Use numicon to help some children who were struggling

Please feel free to use this game, do let me know how you get on

Maths 3d shape challenge

3d Shapes using coloured marshmallows

Whilst perusing Pinterest and Google images to look for ideas on how to encourage children in their understanding of shape, in a fun and interesting way- using play and collaborative learning, I happened to come across this lovely colourful idea that I know my littlies will adore.

There was something quite special about seeing these little blobs of colour drying out on my drying boards!


Theses are simply mini marshmallows that bought from the supermarket, and coloured with food colours.

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It’s not just a box Video…

I added a post earlier about the role play I witnessed this afternoon! I managed to capture a little of this on video…

Here we go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmnyLiCJgS0&feature=youtu.be 

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And remember don’t ever say “It’s just a box!”

TaTa for now xx