Egg rolling- a tradition 

I have the fondest memories of egg rolling as a child. 

We would always take a BBQ and head up to Grizedale Forest in The Lake District, with a basket of freshly painted eggs and big smiles a plenty. 

I have always wanted to recreate this magic with my own children, and today we did! 

 We started the day with dippy eggs and soldiers (of course!) 

The kidlets then decorated their eggs 

Once all the eggs were good to go, we packed the kitchen sink (literally ) and headed north.

Only a few loo and “I’m gonna be sick” stops and we arrive at our woodland retreat. 

It was just as I remember, even down to the sound of the rushing water fall splashing over the mossy rocks! Isn’t it funny how evocative smells and sounds are. I was suddenly transported back to being a pickly 6 year old! 

There’s something quite special about eating in the great outdoors even if at times we had to flick a few bugs off the colslaw that dropped in for a nibble 

So everyone is fed and watered, and so we go in search of an “eggcellent” (sorry) rolling hill. 

Enroute we find a very lonely wood cutter and a money tree (I’m sure my folks always said money doesn’t grow on trees- well here is the proof that they were wrong!


And so the rolling competition began, although I use the term rolling very loosely… It was more of lobbing! I pulled the short straw and had to be at the bottom of the hill- I’m sure they hatched a plan and were aiming directly at my head! 

Despite their best efforts I came away egg free, the kids shrieked with laughter, argued about who won and who didn’t, ran around in the fresh air, but best of all made memories that I hope like mine… Will last a lifetime! 


What to do this half term? 

Time flies past so quickly these days doesn’t it! Many of us are so busy- take a little time out this half term! Here’s a few ideas to get you started… 

  • Make some glitter playdough
  • Hop on a train and take a picnic to the countryside 
  • Plant seeds
  • Make a den
  • Paint a self portrait 
  • Make marble pictures (roll marbles around paint in the bottom of a tin or Tupperware box) 
  • Freeze Elsa/Anna in ice- investigate how to get her out! 
  • Create a tea party in your garden 
  • Visit your local soft play area
  • Make an indoor racing car track with masking tape
  • Have a movie afternoon 
  • Create a den in the lounge out of the sofa cushions and a large blanket… Read stories   
  • Make a wooden spoon puppet
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Make loom bracelets 
  • Create rainbow ice lollies 
  • Make your own marble run
  • Create shaving foam pictures
  • Blow huge bubbles using hoola hoops 
  • Make up your own phonics fish game 
  • Go looking looking for crabs and star fish 
  • Take a trip on an open top bus
  • Fly a kite 
  • Make sock puppets
  • Set up a shop with items from the kitchen 
  • Take a walk through the woods 
  • Go hunting for bugs
  • Make a box into something magical 
  • Visit a castle 
  • Create a giant picture on the floor using lining paper
  • Bake some fairy cakes and take to a neighbour 
  • Visit your local library
  • Create a “no sew” superhero Cape
  • Draw a picture of a butterfly 
  • Paint the fence with water and a paint brush 
  • Bake fresh bread
  • Paint a stone bug
  • Create a home for a wood louse 
  • Chalk a hopskotch on the floor 
  • Make rainbow jelly
  • Decorate old picture frames with sequins and glitter 
  • Create people out of fruit and veg

Let’s make some memories… Often the most inexpensive ideas create the memories that last the longest 

Have fun x 

Message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle

I’m always thinking of exciting and engaging ways to get young children to write that has meaningful purpose with an element of creativity chucked in!

Whilst out and about I happened to come across these lovely little bottles… they started my creative juices going and “EYFS Message in a bottle was created!”

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Maths 3d shape challenge

3d Shapes using coloured marshmallows

Whilst perusing Pinterest and Google images to look for ideas on how to encourage children in their understanding of shape, in a fun and interesting way- using play and collaborative learning, I happened to come across this lovely colourful idea that I know my littlies will adore.

There was something quite special about seeing these little blobs of colour drying out on my drying boards!


Theses are simply mini marshmallows that bought from the supermarket, and coloured with food colours.

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What to do with a cable reel?

I have seen lots and lots of posts recently about “Cable reels” Until now I didn’t have the foggiest idea what a cable reel was, let alone what to do with it! It is now fair to say I think I could probably class myself as a cable reel expert! So fear not, if you like me, have had no clue, you too are soon to be an expert!

So first things first…

  • What on earth does one look like?

plain reel

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It’s not just a box Video…

I added a post earlier about the role play I witnessed this afternoon! I managed to capture a little of this on video…

Here we go 

Please like and share!

And remember don’t ever say “It’s just a box!”

TaTa for now xx

It’s not a box…

Evening all!

Recently we have been having our bathroom “done”, is it sad that I was excited (and I actually mean really, really excited) about the huge cardboard boxes that the bath, unit and shower came in?

It would seem that I wasn’t alone in this excitement:- Number 2 son had also spotted the array of cardboard that I had tried to sneak out, and decided today was the day he was to claim it as his own! Joined by his little apprentice “Noah” (ironic they are now to build a boat!) they toddled off to “Play”

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Day 1 Mud play!

Evening Folks,

Welcome to my first of a series of blog posts about our new “Mud Kitchen.”

So this morning our gorgeous brand spanking new sparkly Mud Kitchen, sat in the grounds of our EYFS garden, untouched, unloved and unplayed with. That was until 60 little pickles entered the building…

After doing our hello’s and sharing stories of holiday and treasured times with families, discussion turned to our newest addition to our outdoor space. Our new Mud Kitchen! The children were literally itching to get outside to take a peek. We talked about the need for ensuring we washed our hands, kept it clean for the following chef, wore water proof trousers, made sure we had wellies on….

Blah, blah, blah!!!

All they wanted to do was get in there and start “baking, cooking and digging”

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Give Away! 


So for many of us today is the start of the brand new sparkly Summer term, with all the excitement that that brings. Whilst I am looking forward to seeing my lovely little lot bound through the door this morning, I also am human and still have that allure to stay in bed a little while longer! 

To make the return slightly easier, we have a great giveaway from 3 blonde bears

Jo founder, and CEO of the company has kindly offered £100 of products to a “fan” of EYFSMatters. 

All you need to do, to be in with a chance of being a lucky winner (chosen at random) is to 

Good luck! Have a great first day back x