In the words of crime watch “Don’t have nightmares… Sleep Well!!” 

I am so excited to be going back to school to hear all of the excited stories about tales of Santa and Magic. 

I don’t know about you, but the night before the start of a new term, I always have really weird school related dreams. I also tend to wake about 4am with a to do list the length of my arm (usually of bits and bobs I’d planned to do in the Hollibobs but never quite got round to it!) my solution to this prob is to take a pad and pen to bed, jot down the ideas and then get straight back to the land of nod!

I’d love to hear that I’m not alone… Please leave a comment below to make me feel that I’m not a sleepwalking weirdo on my own!!!

Happy Spring term Y’all xx  



4 thoughts on “In the words of crime watch “Don’t have nightmares… Sleep Well!!” 

  1. I hate the back to work night of not being able to sleep, for me it starts a few days before going back. I am going to pinch your idea of having a notebook to jot down ideas and things that wake me up in the hope that I can get back to sleep! Enjoy your first day back x

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  2. I can never sleep before back to school days, it’s a mixture of nerves and excitement for the new term and all it may bring, then when I do drop off I wake up every hour or so thinking I’ve slept in!!

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