Funky fingers wk beg 12th Oct 

Ive decided to write a blog post each fortnight with our Funky Fingers activity. I hope this will be useful, but will also be a great reference for me to nip back and remember what we’ve done! 

Here’s our timetable…  

Each day one group completes dough gym… I will post a video on my FB page 

Here’s  this week’s activities… 

Sorting different types of pasta- how many can you sort in a minute?   

 Placing glass beads onto numbers 

Rolling dice… Building a tower with tweezers to match the number on the dice  
Water Squirters 

(This pic is taken from Pinterest and is not owned by EYFSmatters)

We spend just approx 10mins each day on Funky fingers. The children love it, and we definitely notice and improvement and progress with fine motor control. 

What activities do you use? It would be great to hear what you do in your setting. Please leave a comment below xx 


4 thoughts on “Funky fingers wk beg 12th Oct 

  1. This week we are trying marbles in to bottles using a spoon, picking up pasta with pincers, ribbon dancing and tying knots alongside my dough gym group. The kids loved it today!

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  2. I’m looking forward to starting our Funky Fingers sessions after half term. We do it daily – first thing in the morning but choose a different piece of music to do it to each week! At the beginning of the year it’s staff choice but later on the children get to choose! It really puts the ‘funk’ into our funky fingers! 🙂

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