Super Hero Giveaway! 

Morning all, as it’s the Hollibobs and I’m feeling very generous thought we’d have a bit of fun, and a giveaway! 

Here’s the deal… 

The winner will be chosen at complete random and will win 4 SUPERHERO CAPES OF THEIR CHOICE!!!!!!!!! 

Don’t forget if you’re not lucky enough to be a winner you can order capes at just £4.99 by dropping me an email at 

Good luck my gorgeous little superhero friends! 
Don’t forget to comment and share!!


28 thoughts on “Super Hero Giveaway! 

  1. I had a rescued hamster who’s name was Captain Nibbles. He was very cute and he enjoyed nibbling anything that he could find.
    If I had a super hero name it would be:
    Thunder Crusader The Guardian of the Bakes.

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  2. I have recently got married & changed from Miss Pye to Mrs Viccars, already had lots comments from both children & adults on Mrs Viccars Knickers, so I could become Super Knickers or Wonder Knickers or Viccars Super Knickers, lol

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  3. I’d have to be “Chocolate Chick” with the power to turn anything into chocolate (but not like the poor Skittles man!) Whenever you are having a depressing day because the children have forgotten everything when the Head decides to do an impromptu observation…. whichever classroom you are skulking in replenishing stocks of yogurt pots and kitchen roll tubes long after the kiddiewinks have taken their junk models home… even if the big O calls… Chocolate Chick will arrive to give you a calorie free (well, I am a superhero!) phenylethylamine full (feel good!) chunk of Heaven. Hooray for Chocolate Chick! 🌟👸🏼

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  4. Mine would have to be Captain Sarah Ineedawee. …
    We are a pack away setting with our toilets out the back away from the main play room. You can guarantee aa soon as a you get back in the room, someone else needs to go!

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  5. I would be Turbo Teacher – with super powers to captivate my class of 5 year olds then have the ability to turn back into normal mum for my own kids! (Posted on Facebook too!) xx

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  6. Mine would be Stinkocaptor – super hero because he can be called upon (by me) to capture the ‘fluffy woof woofs’ (stinky smells) produced by little people (or big people!) at the snap of the fingers, capture, bag and dispose!!! he is in particular demand just after lunchtime at my school after beans have been on the menu!!

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