Just a minute! 

For those of you that have read the “All about me page” you’ll know that my favourite saying is “Hang on a minute!” 

I say it all the time… 

I say it to my kids…

I say it to my hubby…

I say it to my colleagues… 

I’d be surprised if I didn’t say it in my sleep! 

I am making a new “Mid year resolution!” 

I’m going to say “I’ll give you a minute”

I’ll give you a minute of my time, instead of putting you off! I’m going to sit with my kidlets when they say “Can you play mine craft with me” 

“Can you come and play cricket?”

“Can you read me a story?” 

“Can we do some baking?” 

“Can we get the paints out?”

“Can we make something out of the recycling?” 

“Can we go to the skate ramps?”

Sometimes I’m busy doing “stuff” that could just wait…

Stuff that would wait until my lovely lot  are in bed

I don’t want to look back in 20 years and wish I had those extra minutes, I want them now!!! 

So here is the new “I’ll give you a minute” me! 

Welcome to the party! 



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