To do list… 

My husband always jokes about my innate desire to write a list. I actually love a list, I love writing things down so my head is clear and I can crack on with the tasks ahead. I think I’m pretty good at writing lists… In fact sometimes I even add things to my list that I’ve already done (ok so that is quite strange!!!) 

My friends and loved ones will tell you that my most desired gift is a lovely clean notebook (to write lists of course), in fact you can often find me in the aisles of paper chase or Cath Kidston perusing the newest merchandise- finding the next shiny new notepad to add to the pile! 

So on this theme I thought I’d write a list… A bucket list of a 5 year old! Here goes 

  • Jumping in puddles 
  • Dressing up
  • Staying up late
  • Belly laughing 
  • Sharing stories 
  • Swimming in the sea 
  • Dancing in the rain
  • Hunting for bears
  • Adding with sweets 
  • Making mud pies
  • Talking to mummy on the phone 
  • Building a bridge
  • Playdough cakes 
  • Catching burglars 
  • Finding fairies 
  • Sharing with friends 
  • Being the shop keeper 
  • Singing on a stage 
  • Making a catapult 
  • Hunting for crabs 
  • Wiggling your bottom 
  • Being still, and looking around us
  • Whizzing around on scooters
  • Saying sorry
  • Printing with hands and feet
  • Write notes to the tooth fairy 
  • Believe in magic
  • Leave rubbings 
  • Making a tower
  • Writing to granny
  • Carpet picnics
  • Building dens
  • Catching bugs 
  • Feeding the birds 
  • Licking out the bowl
  • Playing a tambourine
  • Adding a carrot nose to a snow man
  • Sitting in a box
  • Playing hopscotch 
  • Making potions 
  • Feeding babies 
  • Send a Valentine’s card
  • Playing mums and dads
  • Making jelly
  • Holding a tortoise
  • Making patterns with the clouds
  • Swinging from trees
  • Making a daisy chain
  • Telling a fib
  • Running through sprinklers
  • Dancing with ribbons 
  • Planting seeds
  • Gazing at stars
  • Finding the gruffalo 
  • Feeding a horse
  • Wearing a crown 
  • Riding on an open top bus
  • Saying I love you 
  • Mixing paint with your hands
  • Having sand between your toes 

I wonder how many our children can tick off? 

Toodleoooo for now! 


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