B and Q wastage scheme 

I posted about this on Facebook this morning, but thought I’d also write a quick post here too! 

Did you know that you can sign up to B & Q’s wastage scheme if you are a nursery, school, scout group, brownie pack, childminder etc etc

Our local store required you to contact head office and then they add you to the scheme. They will then give away any products that can’t be sold within the store. Items such as wood, paint tiles, turf etc 

I guess each store differs. It’s worth a phone call though! 

I hope you are successful in sourcing some freebies which will help further your children’s development. 

Please do comment below and let us know how you get on 

Bye for now x 


32 thoughts on “B and Q wastage scheme 

  1. I am a volunteer in our children community in Brierfield. I would like to know if it is possible to acquire this scheme to help our community allotment that were used for children as part of their development.Any help will be appreciated. I would like to thank you in advance and may god bless you for your generosity.
    Thank you again.

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  2. Good evening we are a small village primary school with57 children on role as you can imagine our budget is as small as our school. Anything you may have surplus at b&q would really benefit our school.

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  3. I run a badger set and cadet division for St. John ambulance this is a charity I would love to be on the b &aw scrapage scheme with thanks

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  4. This sounds like a fab idea for my daughters rugby section. They need materials to tidy up the training area and changing rooms. How do I go about signing up?

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  5. I have been into my b&q store who said they would forward me an e-mail to fill in .so far I have not received anything I have phoned as well to make sure they had the correct e-mail but still nothing. How can I get on this site?
    kind regards Rosemary

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  6. Unfortunately when a member of our staff team approached the Stirling branch with a requesting letter, the manager replied with an abrupt reply that this was not something that they engaged in but that they would file our letter for future opportunities. Upon leaving the site the staff member witnessed the manager tear the letter in two and binned it. Possibly we just encountered a disgruntled individual, however, the experience has put us off dealing with B&Q


  7. I phoned our local store today to be told I needed to ring head office, I rang head office to be told I needed to go into the store and fill in a form. I’ll try going to the store but not feeling hugely hopeful

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