Scream if you want to go faster! 

So the fair has come to town…

I am very fortunate in the fact that both of my kidlets attend the school where I teach. Today, as my youngest headed off to football, and my eldest jogged off to Athletics I whispered “If you’re good, after my meeting how’s about we pop down to the fair after tea?” 

Their little faces were a picture… I’m usually quite a sensible school night mum, with most evenings  consisting of the mundane lunches, reading, homework etc etc so the thought of an evening of bright lights and candy floss was a massive highlight to the troops! 

The fair ground was heaving with excited youngsters all ready to test out the crazily fast rides. Both of my children are adrenaline junkies, any kind of fast paced adventures and they’re at the front of the queue. 


I loved watching their little faces as they whizzed round and were chucked from side to side. I adored the fact that on one ride my first born put her arms around her little brother so to protect him. I also smiled a big smile when my oldest said she was too scared to go into the haunted house,  and my youngest said he would hold her hand and go first! 

Ok so we might not have done much reading or homework tonight, but what we did do was embrace the moment and spend time as a family having a blinking good giggle… and I am thrilled to inform you… that we are still not too old to belly laugh on the Waltzers! 


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