Pizza Hut Mud Kitchen

Pizza Hut Mud Kitchen

I saw this fab idea this morning on Twitter, and just knew that the children in my FS2 setting would love this…


Please forgive me I can’t remember which school it was …

I was out visiting another school and nursery this morning so decided to swing by Pizza Hut and ask if they had any Pizza boxes that we could have for our mud kitchen! They were so very generous and had a huge pile for me to “take away” (excuse the pun!!)


I got some very funny looks from colleagues as I staggered through the doors carrying what looked like a vast array of pizza’s! (I also has some very disappointed groans as I told them the boxes were empty)


After lunch in our focus session we talked about all of the things we would need if we were going to play “Pizza Deliveries” Clearly most, if not all, of my children had at some point in their very short lives, had pizza delivered to their homes. I gave the children chance to “Talk, Pair, Share” their ideas and then we created a wish list of all the things we thought we might need. Here it is…


I was so so so so so impressed with one little boy who said “We need a bag to keep the pizza warm” another said “Just like we kept the hot chocolate warm when we went to the woods” someone else replied “We need a flask” “No” Said another “It needs to be insulated” I literally whooped for joy, I’m surprised the whole of KS2 didn’t hear me!

My lovely TA, then set to, to collect the things the children had decided they would need. One little boy who was/is a reluctant writer said that he would write a list of the things Mrs D would need!

I quickly printed off a load of pizza order forms I found on Google images, and we all set off outside! Today was one of those moments where I just stood back and watched! What I saw unfold was amazing.


  • Children using telephones (made of card, paper, cups) making and taking orders
  • Writing orders down
  • Writing down telephone numbers
  • Writing down addresses
  • Giving and receiving money
  • Telling the customer how long in minutes (hours!!??!!)  their order would be
  • Working together to create the pizza’s out of mud/herbs
  • Reading orders
  • Riding bikes carefully and steadily to deliver the pizzas
  • Using numbers to represent houses at an address
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Turn taking
  • Everyday language relating to amount:- One little girl wrote down how she made the pizza dough and how many cups etc went in

IMG_3199                                                                          IMG_3200


I saw fantastic examples of characteristics of effective learning:- so many amazing learning opportunities were found today through this great desire to play!

I have a very warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy, and can’t wait to get back in the thick of it tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Mud Kitchen

  1. Wow! Your children will remember that day for a very long time!! Learning opportunities like that simply are the best!!


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