What to do with a cable reel?

I have seen lots and lots of posts recently about “Cable reels” Until now I didn’t have the foggiest idea what a cable reel was, let alone what to do with it! It is now fair to say I think I could probably class myself as a cable reel expert! So fear not, if you like me, have had no clue, you too are soon to be an expert!

So first things first…

  • What on earth does one look like?

plain reel

Here we go…

  • Where the hecky peck would I source them from?

Basically anywhere that sells cable in large amounts. I went to our local electrical wholesaler, who were flabbergasted that I wanted to take them off their hands!

Next question…

  • What on earth are we going to do with them? And why?

I think it’s probably fair to say that most of us work in schools where even if we have a decent budget (which I am very lucky and usually do) it still never seems to be enough cash! There’s so many consumable products that are needed in EYFS that seem to eat at the money we have. I therefore find myself trying to find great ideas using “stuff” The “STUFF” nobody else wants!

Not only is this great for helping the pennies to go further…


But also it’s a great way to teach the kidlets about recycling and sustainability! They can also be involved in planning and designing a project with you. I can guarantee that the children in my class could come up with soooooo many more ideas that I could ever imagine!

But here are a few to wet the whistle..

.IMG_2700        IMG_2701    IMG_2702

            IMG_2703    IMG_2704                    IMG_2707

IMG_2708    small world tableIMG_2712

IMG_2713               IMG_2733    IMG_2736

IMG_2735      IMG_2734   seat

bench book nook table with brolly

cat clock fairy garden

seat 1 see saw bug home

So far this is all I have managed to do with ours… You can see how I have grafted in some little (and big) helpers.

IMG_2590 IMG_2588 IMG_2585 IMG_2584 IMG_2589

I think my next project is going to have to be this…


They make it look Oh so simple!


Just like that!

My favourite of all, and the idea that I will leave you all with is this one …

Cheers m’dears! Happy Saturday x

wine table

(The images within this blog post are not all mine- they were found and collected from google images)

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