It’s not a box…

Evening all!

Recently we have been having our bathroom “done”, is it sad that I was excited (and I actually mean really, really excited) about the huge cardboard boxes that the bath, unit and shower came in?

It would seem that I wasn’t alone in this excitement:- Number 2 son had also spotted the array of cardboard that I had tried to sneak out, and decided today was the day he was to claim it as his own! Joined by his little apprentice “Noah” (ironic they are now to build a boat!) they toddled off to “Play”

They began at first, to carry all the boxes and cardboard into the garden, plonk it down, and sit on top. This was quickly followed by lots of giggles, as each boy in turn had a go at sitting inside whilst the other closed the flaps, so it was pitch black. This caused much hilarity between the dashing duo!

There was then much discussion about what the “said box” should be- I have a feeling that Sam (my scrumptious little bumpkin ) could have perhaps twisted Noah’s arm and convinced him that his idea was in fact THE best! Where would he get his bossy streak from? (I wonder!!)

Both boys rushed inside to grab pens and scissors… they were a pair with a mission! IMG_2797 IMG_2795 IMG_2794

What I adored about the way these two worked, was the natural leadership, the problem solving, the imagination, the discussion, the listening, the sharing of ideas, the persuasive skills (persuading their older sisters to come and help when they found the cutting part tricky), trying to persuade me that actually is was a great idea for them to use my best and sharpest caving knife, and that they PINKY PROMISE they wouldn’t cut themselves with it! Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good bit of risk taking, but this was something that I had to call the “Fun Police” on and say no!

It wasn’t long before the boat was taking shape, in the time that I had gone away and come back, they had made a mast and a sail. Had tried it out and had realised that it was too heavy or not “Stable” (Sam’s words not mine!)

They then went in search of something to solve this issue, and found some plastic tile edging. I am just hoping and praying that Daddy had finished with this- otherwise I could be in hot water in the morning!!

IMG_2799 IMG_2798 IMG_2800

To me to you………

IMG_2803    IMG_2804    IMG_2805

I loved to see how busy and industrious they were, changing their plans and enhancing them with new ideas as their play unfolded. I loved the fact that their older sisters were busy bouncing on the trampoline and the four of them were talking about floating and sinking, and how metal might rust- and that cardboard wouldn’t be any good because it isn’t water proof!

This investigative quality play came out of a cardboard box… Please don’t ever say “It’s just a box!”

IMG_2808 IMG_2807

Look who’s on the lower deck?

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