Talk for writing 

So today, in our focused time together we shared “Shark in the Park” by the fabulous Nick Sharratt. Lots of the children had already read it before, which.actually enabled us to move quicker into the imitative part of the session!

We talked about the actions we could use for Timothy- we sign every day in my class as I have a child with ASD so the children are “experts” at Makaton and decided we would use the sign for “boy” in Makaton.

Before long all children were engaged , enthused, and most importantly learning about the importance of story telling.

We began our “Story Map,” the children were my guide, they dictated what pictures I should draw, and where to place them on our story map. Usually my preferred medium is lining  paper and a black marker pen, but today I opted for “computer paper” as it has a natural continuum feeling, and a selection of felt tip pens (chosen by one of my glamorous 4year old assistants!) They instructed me to draw what they wanted to see, and were able to retell the story fantastically by using the pictorial prompts!

My plan tomorrow, is to revisit the story and  story map and put the children into smaller groups where they can again retell the story to one another.

Following this, I will create a story walk- where the children, kinaesthetically walk around and collect clues and prompts from the story to enable them to create their own story map.

In time, they will have the knowledge of this Story so familiar within their head, that they will be able to be innovative and add differences to it, whilst also keeping the main themes the same!


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