Day 1 Mud play!

Evening Folks,

Welcome to my first of a series of blog posts about our new “Mud Kitchen.”

So this morning our gorgeous brand spanking new sparkly Mud Kitchen, sat in the grounds of our EYFS garden, untouched, unloved and unplayed with. That was until 60 little pickles entered the building…

After doing our hello’s and sharing stories of holiday and treasured times with families, discussion turned to our newest addition to our outdoor space. Our new Mud Kitchen! The children were literally itching to get outside to take a peek. We talked about the need for ensuring we washed our hands, kept it clean for the following chef, wore water proof trousers, made sure we had wellies on….

Blah, blah, blah!!!

All they wanted to do was get in there and start “baking, cooking and digging”

I so wish that I had filmed their initial reactions to the kitchen being “unveiled” It was a real delight to see the excitement  and anticipation in their eyes!

The morning session went swimmingly, as I pottered over and stood back and observed, I could hear groups of children interacting and playing along the same theme. The mud was transported into a world of imagination… it became

  • A frozen cake (I had to clarify whether it had been in the freezer or whether Anna and Elsa were involved)
  • A pirates stew
  • Dinner for the kids
  • A cup of tea

As two little boys were playing in the mud, I witnessed a delightful conversation about them digging for diamonds that the pirates had left. They then went and created a treasure map, to show where the treasure was buried.

Like I said… The morning session went well

During this afternoon, The whole cohort decided they wanted to go outside, we have a very lovely, large garden area which can easily accommodate this amount of children- but of course more children means lots more learning experiences, and more observations to be had. I had half an eye on the digging area, but wasn’t observing the play and interacting as closely as I had been in the morning. My attention had been grasped by a lovely little girl who struggles with maths concepts, who had decided to draw lots of different shapes on an aqua draw mat, and fill the shapes with glass gems, counting each one as she went! (A lovely child initiated learning opportunity, that I knew I could extend,and take her to her next step on her maths learning journey)

My first concern was when I saw a spade full of gooey,wet mud come flying over the fenced area close in proximity to where the digging area was. As we do, I headed over to give a quick reminder about our expectations of safe play. What greeted me in this area now, will probably be something that will remain with me for the rest of my EYFS career! Somehow, this team of amazing diggers, had dug THE biggest hole I have ever seen and managed to fill the whole lot with water- and one little pickle was sitting bang in the middle of the hole! “we’re finding treasure they said!”

boy in mud

Did anyone have waterproof trousers on? Did they heck, wellies? Did they thump… Were they happy? Absolutely! Were they learning? Most Definitely.

jumping in mud mud

I might have had to write a little note on our Class whiteboard that informs our parents of any important info, I also might have had to give a few apologies about the various bags of wet/muddy clothes, but as one lovely parent said “But did they have fun?” and of course the answer was a resounding YES!


I may however direct them to this link!

Thanks for reading… do pop back as I am sure there is most definitely more to come!

NB:- The pictures used are taken from Google images and are not owned by EYFSMatters

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