Just Imagine…

When I return to school on Monday I would like to introduce a new investigation/speaking and listening idea. My original plan was to have an area for this, but after chatting to people on my Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/eyfs.matters

I have decided to pose a question/share an image at the start of each day.

Here are some of the beauties lots of my followers have come up with…

  • Would you rather ride a horse or a giraffe to school?
  • If all the world was apple pie, and all the sea was ink, and all the trees were bread and cheese what would we have to drink?
  • What if all the rain were lemon drops and gum drops?
  • What if autumn leaves were crunchy cookies?
  • What if rain was made of chocolate?
  • What if the children were teachers?
  • What if mini beasts could talk to us what would they tell us?
  • What if a bike had square wheels?
  • What if a teapot was made of chocolate!
  • What if we all looked alike?
  • What if it was Christmas every day?
  • What if it rained chocolate?
  • What if everyone had to have a elephant as a pet?
  • What if circles were never invented?
  • What if trees were giant broccoli?
  • What if we could eat a rainbow?
  • What if door handles were made of chocolate?
  • What is knives and forks were made of ice?
  • What is your wellies were made of jelly?
  • chicken on head

    Oopps how did that happen?

One follower had the great idea of sharing optical illusions with the children or pictures that would create discussion and spark imagination. I may also leave these out stuck to large pieces of paper- I wonder if this could encourage mark making or maths problem solving? I’ll give it a whirl- and keep you posted! If you know of any great websites for these types of pictures please do add in the comments box below.

big dog

What happened next?

Another follower explained how she used Nick Sharratt’s books…

“Just Imagine”     just imagine   and “You Choose”   imagine 2 imagine 3

If our children can imagine, they can generate marvellous ideas, if they can talk them and share them, this will in turn lead to brilliant imagery in their writing as they develop maturity.

“Let the children talk!”

frogs laughing

If frogs could laugh, what would they laugh about?

animals in zoos   describe icecream


4 thoughts on “Just Imagine…

  1. We have philosophy time which took a bit if getting used to at first but niw the children love our discussions. We also use the picture prompts and this provides a wealth of intrigue and thought provocation. Both are great for encouraging peer collaboration too! What could you use to get across a hot chocolate river? Have fun 😜


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Mandi- I love the idea of a chocolate river! I am thrilled to hear your philosophy time is successful. I think anything to get children talking, and working collaboratively has only got to reap positive results.


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