Boy’s writing

The Tunnel

When my little boy was in reception I couldn’t have told you whether he was left or right handed. He would barely pick up a pencil, let alone sit and do any writing!

On parent meetings I would open his learning journal to find blank pages staring back at me! What I did find were copious observations and “Child speech” bubbles where I could see how the teachers/TA’s had questioned his learning and taken the learning to him!

He has the most amazing imagination, and what he can’t make out of a toilet roll tube isn’t worth it’s salt!

He is forever digging in our recycling box to find the next piece of kit, to create the “next super sonic contraption”

Recently at school for World Book Day, he was given the title ” The Tunnel” and was asked to create a story jar using this title as his inspiration. What happened next was astounding!

My little boy now 6yrs 3/4 (his words) set to, to create the most fascinating story jar, story, illustrations and movie.

He sat for hours on the kitchen floor, with a large piece of paper and set to illustrating the pictures first. This led into his writing, and then scene making. He then asked if I would help him create a movie using “I motion”IMG_1596


Scene 1:- The Tunnel


The purpose of this post, is NOT to blow the trumpet of great parenting, but to hopefully pass on the crucial message, that play, investigation, engagement, enjoyment were all key factors in the success of this project. Had Sam not been given the opportunities to develop his imagination, social skills, speaking and listening skills whilst in the Foundation Stage he wouldn’t have the words in his head to be able to get them down on paper. He is now in Year 2 and has a passion for writing stories (albeit as long as they contain skate ramps and monsters!!!)IMG_1597


4 thoughts on “Boy’s writing

  1. Wow well done he did it when he wanted to and when he! Was ready isnt that the most important thing, time……. Given to think and plan everything is so rushed what do these poor kids get from rushed work just to get something down on paper for reports or Ofsted to slate us for not getting them to goal. He will remember doing that for a long time and not somethong in a book that was pushed on him 👍


    • Hi Bernie, You are so right! I do hope it will be something that stays with him. He was immensely proud of his achievements, and I was one very proud mumma! Thanks for commenting x


      • What a fab idea and certainly gives you food for thought to try and adapt this idea for FS2. The boys in my class go in fits and starts for writing but maybe this will give them encouragement to have a go. It’s mini beasts this term and dinosaurs next term which also tends to encourage the boys to write. In am ideal word we would be able to wait longer for the children to write but with the ELG stating children should be able to write sentences any ideas to encourage boys are greatly received.


      • Thank you for this Sallyann! Isn’t it crazy that even at 4/5yrs we are already worrying about the children who are not yet up to age appropriate standard! I am firm believer that if you provide stimulating, exciting environments, that are rich in learning possibilities you will reap the benefits in the future. I guess it’s ensuring also that the environment we provide is teaching, and not just holding. Providing a rigorous approach to learning and moving thinking and learning forward.


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