Do you believe in a little magic?

I am blown away by people’s kindness and generosity. After seeing a lovely idea on Pinterest, I was adamant that my task today was to find some industrial sized cable drums to create a magical toadstool for our outdoor space at school.

It only took a couple of phone calls, and I’d managed to track down an electrical wholesaler close to our house, that were very happy to help out. The lovely guy behind the counter was so helpful, and basically said we could help ourselves to as many drums as we like. I was literally like a child in a sweet shop! There were also some lovely looking pallets (I daren’t mention this to the hubby!!)


After collecting the drums, I popped to a couple of local paint shops and managed somehow to sweet talk the lovely men into donating paint for a great cause!


I then set to, in creating these lovely little tables. I think I am going to have to give the red another coat, as you can still see a little of the writing from the top of the drum. I also plan to give them a quick coat of clear varnish so they will last longer with little bottoms perched upon them!


My vision is to create a little haven amongst the bug hotel, log pile and mud kitchen for these little beauties where our little lively bunch can rest, chat, write and play! Watch this space.


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