A day at the beach!

So yesterday was our first day on the beach this year – the kidlets were so so so excited! I love to hear the shrieks of laughter, and endless chit chat that comes with the anticipation of an exciting day ahead- this was in bucket loads yesterday! The kidlets and I were joined by my lovely colleague and friend who just happens to be a learning mentor at the school where I am an EYFS teacher.

Armed with a bucket and net each, we headed down the huge flight of steps that led to the beach at Birling Gap.

burling gap

Our plan as Mum’s, was to lay down the blanket, and begin to eat the picnic, but of course our little bunch of craziness had different ideas.

It wasn’t long before at least two of the kidlets had already soaked their jeans and trainers! Did it matter? Did it heck!

I loved standing back and listening to the communication that went on between the foursome…

“How many stones do you think are on this beach?”

“It would take you years to count them all”

“I think there are 1,388 million billion jillion”

“See that river, that’s where it meanders”

“How does the tide go in and out? Maybe we need to google that!”

“Does anyone have a hoover to suck the water up?”

As the tide began to go out, the excitement levels rose to a new level, at the prospect of what could be  found lurking in the rock pools. The fabulous foursome grabbed their buckets, nets and spades (all crucial crab collecting gear apparently!) and headed down the beach.

sam rock pooling

They passed another couple of children, who were already “crab experts” and talk and chatter began to take place about where the best places were to find the greatest treasures! rock pool black and white

Suddenly there was a squeal of delight, and a frenzy of activity around one of the newest “Crab hunters,”  One of them had found a Dog Fish lying motionless in the shallow pool. What happened next filled me with huge pride and a respect for our children

chatting about rock pools

They all worked as a team to get him back to the water, conversing with each other about how he must feel, about how he needed to get back into the water as quick as possible so he could be with his family, and how his gills were still moving even though he looked like he was dying. What was amazing was how compassionate this little group were, and how they felt able to communicate their needs to one another  without reserve!

 star fish

Unfortunately on this occasion no crabs were found, to be fair they probably heard us coming, and side stepped quickly to the deepest depths of the sea weed. What we did achieve was a fun filled day, full of awe and wonder, a day which I hope my children will remember for a long time to come!      stone mask


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